Bearing the Cost

The killing of an enemy
Stems from
The fighting for booty
Stems from
A desire for reward.

In chariot fighting,
When more than ten
Enemy chariots are captured,
The man to take the first
Should be rewarded.
Change the enemy’s
Chariot flags and standards;
Mingle their chariots
With ours.

Treat prisoners of war kindly,
And care for them.
Use victory over the enemy
To enhance your own strength.

In War,
Prize victory,
Not a protracted campaign.

The wise general
Is a Lord of Destiny;
He holds the nation’s
Peace or peril
In his hands.

As our discussion equates both The Nation and The Wise General to You, the Cube Dweller, a single individual, You must possess and use the required wisdom. And You will bear all associated costs.

If you are determined to cause this conflict, take care of your health and your reputation - drain those of the enemy. Integrate spoils into your own empire. Reward those who help you. Avoid collateral damage. Make the War as swift as possible. And bring the work place environment back to normal as quickly as possible.

Next time: Chapter 3 – Strategic Offensive

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